-What kind of environment will the puppies be used to?-

We treat our babies like family. The family is raised in our home, around normal everyday life.  They hear phones ringing, doors closing, and a hairdryer.   During the most crucial time spent with your dog potty training in a new environment, your pup will not be distracted during your daily activities, and should be plenty exposed to a normal home.

When puppies are ready to leave us, they have recieved professional medical and nutritional attention.  They will have had all their shots, and worming done on schedule.  At 10 weeks, the puppy is mature enough to handle moving in to your home.

-What type of food do you feed, or recommend?-

We use Diamond Naturals, usually the chicken and rice puppy formula, and recommend it for early age. We also incorporate a multivitamin into their diets.  We love discussing bulldogs.  Just give us a call!

-Do you take deposits on upcoming and new litters to hold pups?-

We do take a 400.00 deposit on puppies, if you want to put a deposit to hold the puppy. Upon delivery of the puppy, we’ll collect the rest. We also do nation-wide shipping.

-When I pick up my new puppy, what will I need?-

You should be ready to adopt for your friend upon arrival. He or she will need the puppy basics, such as leash, food, and bowls.  A crate is recommended if you are transporting a long distance.  For excellent and free puppy knowledge, check out YouTube, or give us a call.

-How can you verify the dog breeder you’ve chosen is a good one?-

Everyone’s opinion will differ, and there are many we’ve encountered along the road!

We show much love to some of the great breeders met at shows and through common interest including our friends at ____ and _____.

We are in good standing with the American Kennel Club, AND the Bulldog Club of America.

We are applying over 40 years of experience to raising Bulldogs and Birds.  Carefully bred, and loved before birth English Bulldogs that will bring your home great joy.


-How do the stud services work?-

We use Integrity Animal Hospital in Kingsland, GA with pride.  Integrity is one of the few bulldog specialists in

southeast GA. We can ship cooled or live semen, or even meet you at Dr. Nun’s with him on some cases.. They handle collections.

It will be up to you whether we use surgical implant or artificial insemination. Our stud services also meet all guidelines set forth by the American Kennel Club.  Contact Us if you would like to know more about stud services.